How to Make Tire Shine: Best 3 Methods

A few individuals want a certain answer. How to make tire shine? Hundreds of commercial tire shine products with chemical effects are available. When applied to your car, it dries the tires and ruins the shine. If you are willing to invest money, please try our low-cost options once, and we promise you will save money. Try these natural remedies instead of consulting a professional. Homemade, Armor All and water-based tire shine are all included in our guide. The fundamental feature of these procedures is total protection against tire drying.

Method 1: How to Make Homemade Tire Shine 

How to Make Tire Shine

Car geeks have several options for tire shine. In addition to focusing on colorful paint and a clean surface, seek a DIY tire shine solution. It not only makes your monstrous vehicles the brightest, but it also protects them from harsh roads. The procedure we’ll go over is identical to similar dressings on the market. Please provide one method for extending tire life using ‘how to produce homemade tire shine?’

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Throughout the season, low-cost options are available.

In a bucket, share the dish soap, flakes, or Borax. Using a big bucket, combine the ingredients once again with 2 gallons of water. Warm water produces better effects. We believe that Borax is more effective than soap flakes. You may get Borax closer to home or purchase it online.

Add the lemon oil or juice (1 tsp) to the bucket now. Amazon sells the original version. It is also important for the final cleanup. By adding lemon oil to the preceding (Step 1) blend, the combination becomes resistant to grease and conditions attached to the rubber (tire).

Scrub the tire with a hard-bristled brush once the mixture is ready.

In this scenario, a typical brush is preferable. The tire shine solution will include little suds. It’s because of the lemon oil, therefore don’t add extra dish soap to get more suds. You may use the solution to clean the tires, rims, and hub cap. However, focus on cleaning as much of the tire as possible.

Can you spot a new tire that happened along the process? If so, the tires you’ve cleaned must run with new water. If not, repeat the process until you are sure that it has been fully cleaned. Finally, rub the tires with the microfiber cloth to ensure they are dry and shiny.


‘How to Paint Rims Black Matte?’ is another relevant article that may be of use to you. Furthermore, the best spray paint for rims is available on Amazon. It should mention that tires and rims work well together to give your vehicle a premium appearance.

Method 2: What actually is Armor All Tire Shine? You Should Be Aware

Armor All Tire Shine

Armor All tire shine was the first company to inspire global customers to treat their tires after washing them. The What’s the Armor All Tire Shine product gained popularity among hot roaders and low riders in 1979. Hundreds of tire shine products are available on the market today. However, Armor All still regard as the original. Click here to get it on Amazon.

David Caron, an Amazon reviewer, gives his opinion on Armor All Protectant, claiming that it is genuine Armor All product. ‘I’ve been a frequent client of this stuff for 33 years,’ he says. It’s fantastic for the inside and convertible.’


The appearance of a valuable vehicle includes.
Used to treat cracks and fading discoloration.
It acts as a barrier against dust and particles.
Rubber (tires) and plastic parts are both compatible.
The finish is non-greasy.

Procedure to apply: 1) Shake well; 2) Spread liberally onto the surface (tire), and 3) Wipe off excess.

Method 3: How Do You Select a Water-Based Tire Shine?

Water-Based Tire Shine

Water-based tire shine is a successful recipe in which the solvent is replaced with water. The first reason for utilizing tire shine treatments is to avoid creating rubber damage. The tire shine contains no hazardous ingredients. As a result, you may guarantee ecologically sustainable use. You can complete a pleasant use. It only takes a few minutes to complete the procedure. We recommend three best-selling tire shines (water-based). Using these compounds quickly restores the luster of the tires.

Car Guys Tire Dressing Car Care Kit

You’ve definitely worked with a few tire shine products, right? Whether your response is yes or no, we suggest this product since it leaves no overspray on the tires while providing a decent sheen. You can drive the car after applying it. The item maintains the tire clean by removing dirt. When using the Car Guys kit, it’s important to remember that if you get a bit on your hands, you can quickly wipe it off. It doesn’t feel oily on your skin, but it does wear it out.

  • Wet Black Magic BM23 Tire

We chose this one since it is carefully developed. With ‘Black Magic BM23,’ you may create a dazzling shine over the tire. It is one of the leading brands in terms of endurance and wet and glossy black appearance. The product has an excellent blend of polymers and high-molecular silicones. Spray the liquid over the tire and let it dry for a few minutes. Wiping is not required, however, it is recommended for the best safety. There is no way to get a sling on the wheel wells.

  • TVD11316 Tire Kicker by Chemical Guys

It is available as an ultra-glossy tire shine. It’s regarded as one of the top tires on the market. The product never provides a false appearance, but it does provide a clean surfaced tire. The ‘Chemical Guys’ tire kicker is recommended because it restores the black sheen to the rubber and plastic car parts. You may make it compatible with interiors, exteriors, and engine bays in addition to tires. The unique characteristic of this tire shine is that it prevents future fading from sunshine.

  • NXT Generation tire coating by Meguiar’s

Meguiar’s has been the world leader in car care for almost 115 years. You may get super-glossy protection against browning and early aging by using their unique tire coating. Using the chemical keeps the tires looking deep and black wet. Meguiar’s tire coats a long-lasting tire shine using superior resin technology that is recommended. The application carries out in an EASY AEROSOL SPRAY.

  • Tire Dressing Duragloss 253

It is a synthetic polymer composite that creates a fresh appearance for the tire. Even when it rains, the polymeric covering on the surface remains intact. This product is ideal if you want something between beat-up and sparkling. After applying the remedy, the tires will not be annoyingly shiny or moist. It appears that they are well-dressed. Few reviews claim it is their everyday driver; after all, water-resistant clothing lasts longer.

Applying water-based tire shine in a hurry:

Clear the area surrounding the tires.
Use one spray straight on each tire.
Spread it out using an applicator.

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Our solution to the question “How to Make Tire Shine” promotes all natural processes. These tire shine treatments are effective in increasing tire lifetime and protection. The DIY tire shine solution regards as an essential recipe on a shoestring budget. Furthermore, water-based tire shines have a high global value. It does not result in tire death or damage. As a result, a solution including ‘Armor All‘ and ‘Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet‘ strongly suggest.

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