How to Fix a Keyed Car: A Complete Guide

You are unlucky if you get a car scratch. Yet, our thoughts are superior to a remedy that peels off the Key-scratches quickly after two ways of our research. All you need couple of necessary tools, techniques, and a home garage; if you have these three requirements, you are ready to set and GO! on how to fix a keyed car.

Your car has little damage. So scratching the car window does not help you if your partner causes the injury with a KEY! There are a lot of questions in our mail where people want to know things like how to fix a Keyed car. If you want the best answer, we can offer you two effective and professionally tested solutions.

Consider the following 8 Tools Need to Repair a Keyed Car.

Aerosol or pen for painting

It’s difficult to use the same color on the dent. But you may accomplish it if you have spray cans or touch-up pens to cover the damaged area. There is also a large expert team accessible. And USC Spray Max is a high Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol that flows smoothly. The main advantage of utilizing top-rated painting aerosol is that it dries quickly and gives you a high-gloss finish. With an expert’s assistance, your car may regain a natural appearance and ensure the perfect shine.

Super Cleaner

The quality cleaner makes a significant difference in the appearance of the car’s shine. Employing aggressive chemicals does not result in a flawless wash; instead, it degrades the protection. You must be checked out one of the top brands of the client’s choice, CarGuys Super Cleaners. Which has almost 5-star reviews. Instead, you may already have a high-quality selection of cleaning materials.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

You’re probably thinking of using a brush to clean the Keyed area, but did you know microfiber cloths work faster? Ultra-soft sanders and non-abrasive microfiber cloths will not harm your paints, coatings, or main surfaces. And allowing you to wash with confidence.

Waterproof Masking tape

Masking tape protects the car surroundings from extra injuries such as a scratch or bird droppings. The masking tape must be sealed around the KEYED area and a rectangle cut around the scratch. Masking tape decreases the possibility of having extra scratches and color combinations.

Premium abrasive sandpaper

Using sandpaper to identify the damaged area may get you in trouble if you change the KEYED area. When the KEYED area is thin or big, the layer becomes difficult in order to achieve natural harmony. Keeping the color and form of your car is essential for maintaining a healthy look. As previously stated, variations in the KEYED area may need the usage of many grits of sandpaper, such as 800, 1500, and 3000. If the Blonde scratched area appears to be in good repair, it may not require sanding. If the sanding phase has cleared up your uncertainty, you can go to the following stage.


Even if your car has significant damage and you can estimate its deepest side. You should go for an introduction before putting the coloring coat on the scratched area. It works similarly to eyeliner. And you can quickly apply it to the KEYED line to make it easier for you to fill the layer combination between the KEYED area and the painting.


After priming and applying the proper color to the KEYED area. You must apply a clear coat as a protective finisher. Selecting a clear coat is difficult since not all bottles perform equally well. MS-52 Universal Clearcoat Kit has a highly professional appearance on the market. Therefore you’re advised to choose one of these quality hardener Normal. Applying a clear coat is entirely up to you since you know what is best for your car!

Wax for polishing

Various waxing processes allow you to naturally maintain the hazy area of the covered area. And if you need to choose the appropriate wax for the car. The higher the quality of your clearcoat waxing, the more shine your vehicle will create.

7 steps to Fix Keyed Car Scratches

Step: 1

Alright, take out your car cleaner and use a microfiber cloth to create a hard wash. So you can see the perfect KEYED area. Sometimes dust on the car covers the line of scrape. And washing through the cleaner will give you the perfect perspective to simply mark it with masking tape. Now you must clean the car’s surface, and clean the damaged area. And dry it for at least 20 minutes, using a microfiber towel if necessary.

Step: 2

After cleaning and drying, the KEYED surface prefers to tape around it. And making the subsequent phases of sanding, priming, and coloring a breeze. Focusing on the scratched area, on the other hand, might inflict more significant harm. If you don’t apply masking around the surrounding area.

Step: 3

The next step is to sand the damaged area to create a more receptive surface. You can use 800, 1000, and 1500-grit sandpaper to measure the fracture. And you should sand for around 20 minutes in total. When you think the surface is equal between the damaged region and the car paintwork. Stop sanding and move on to the next phase.

Step: 4

Now you must apply the primer over the KEYED line, taking care to cut the correct primer view. As you write the prime mark above the scratching line, be careful not to mark it on the wrong side. This time, you must maintain your composure.

Step: 5

You should wait 20 minutes after the primer has melted on the fracture line before applying the touch-up line. Using coloring spray or coloring pens to remove your KEY line would be a great option. Using a coloring pen, use it as a priming and dye the surface. Also, if you are spraying aerosol over the primer, place extra tape around the area. So that your car does not pick up any fake vibes. After a while, you’d notice that the color had melted over the whole surface. You’re not done yet, dude. A finishing coat is required over the coloring coat!

Step: 6

Use clear coat protection only after a color effect has completely dried to get a glossy appearance similar to the true paint of your hue. It’s a simple procedure, and all you need to do is spray gloss over the fracture to improve the car’s appearance. Clear coat protection is analogous to waterproof rays. Please remove the masking tape now if you feel comfortable doing so.

Step: 7

Lastly, apply a high-quality wax to complete the entire procedure on how to fix a keyed car, Including the car surface color and coating. Continue waxing over the color protection and take your time with the final wash. Never use a brush or harsh chemicals to clean your car shade; instead, use a soft cloth to enhance the natural clean.


Q: That appears promising, but please, no disrespect, upload a photo of the repair on the light; we can’t see anything in this darkness.

Solution: Indeed, that is still incorrect. You can see where it was typed in the sun, therefore you should try this approach in dim light. I’m still angry with the person who did this, but I have to go on.

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