Tint Car Windows – How Long Does It Take?

The most often asked question is, ‘How long does it take to tint car windows?’ The solution is completely reliant on the window requirement and how carefully you describe it. People go to tint shops or DIY stores to tint their windows. As a consequence, it produces the best outcomes.

In this context, you obtain the process for creating an attractive hue for various seasons. Furthermore, you will learn how long it takes to complete the tinting operation. When tinting car windows in a hurry, the glass becomes bubbled and distorted. Take a look below to learn more about the subject.

How long does tint for car windows?

The strategy is dependent on numerous elements, five of which deem significant. It includes the following:

The surface area of the window
Shapes of windows
Number of windows if old tint must remove
Complex curves and steep window rake

The more windows that need to darken, the more time it takes. When we tested the operation in our garage, we discovered that it takes around one and a half hours for the hatchback cars. Six or more door vehicles with steep window rakes or complicated curves may take up to three hours to complete this operation. You’ll be shocked to learn that two-door coupes take longer than regular vehicles since there isn’t much area for tinting the back and rear windows.

How do Tint Car Windows use?

People enjoy tinting their car windows to protect themselves from UV solar rays. It doesn’t feel pleasant in the middle of a lengthy trip. Furthermore, daylight is detrimental to the skin. As a required activity, we provide a few obstacles that illustrate how to apply window tint in a car. You’ll also get a sense of how time-consuming the procedure is. Read our previous articles about maintaining windows for privacy to learn more.

Part 1: Prepare the car windows

If you’re going to tint car windows, you’ll need a clean and dry workplace. It’s even possible to do it inside. Removing stickers from the car and windows are simple, so do it. The procedure removes all of the adhesive ingredients that cause the film to stick. Not only the adhesives but also the impediments within the car must remove so that the cleaning process does not hamper. Remove any dust from the windows and the inside.

Washing the windows is similar to cleaning the car’s ceiling. You may profit from the practice. For the best results, we recommend using multipurpose steam. Furthermore, we explicitly banned the use of Windex or ammonia-based cleaners. When applied, it makes the tinted windows purple.

The window side facing you should tint since it is more sticky and has a longer lifespan.

Part 2: What should I do with the tint for car windows?

Windows tint applies to the exterior of the window to cover it completely. Unroll the reflective glass tint with 2-3′′ excess on both sides. In a limited edition, it does not shorten the tinting process. Apply an additional tint to each window and then square the tinting film using a knife or blade.

The first film gently showers the glass with water after tinting. Allow them to dry before cutting the left margins of the window. Be careful when cutting and using your free hands to ensure that the film flushes in the windows.

Part 3: Now, Adhere the tinted Car Windows Perfectly

It is vital to adhere to the hue. Prepare the interior of the window with glass cleaner or soapy water for this. Remove the tinting film while keeping the glue steady. To remove the adhesive layer, use the top half of the release liner and two fingers.

Now, spray water around the windows and align the tint. You can match the edge completely linked up in the windows by sliding the tint around through the moist surface.

Finally, continue pushing the water bubbles out of the tinting surface to smooth it out. Please watch the lesson below if you’re still unsure how to do it right.

What Should You Do After your Tinting  Car Windows? Three Steps to Understanding


You must wait for the first few days since pulling down the windows may cause problems. In this instance, selecting a high-quality window film is critical. It has been found to be long-lasting. If you are unsure about the setup process, you should consult an expert. Window tinting might be sensitive to tint bubbles at times. Even if you opt to tint your own car windows, employing BUBBLE REMOVER throughout the LCD pressing process might be beneficial. Furthermore, if the friction generated by rolling down the window bothers you, keep it open for two or four days.

Our Top Choices for a Bubble Remover


The air compressor keeps the machine running properly.
The best bubble, polarizer, and OCA glue remover for laminate.
Works quickly against hundreds of LCD bubbles.
The machine does not bounce back.

Click here to look at Amazon’s Air bubble remover. It commonly uses for window tinting and effectively removes bubbles and adhesive (LOCA) paste.


We’ve been asked the most, “Should I wash my car before tinting the windows?” YES! It can be done before the treatment, however, your response to the opposite question- “When can you wash your car tinting windows?” is a resounding “NO.” Even if the tinted window film is put on the inside, there is no chance of washing the dirt or mud away. However, a full car wash includes cleaning the windows as well. As a result, it’s entertaining to wait until the color has completely dried.

Drive a car with the tinted windows down.

You’ll need to be quiet while the windows dry for two to four days. Park the car in direct sunshine during the winter or rainy days, or it will take up to 15 days. You may drive and listen to music without rolling down the windows until they tint.

Things to Keep in Mind

Professional window tinting is completed in a timely manner. It is not difficult, even in the family garage. If you’ve read the entire article, you’re definitely aware of how long it takes to tint car windows. You may also discover a tinting business near your location. The greatest results are achieved by using high-quality tints throughout the installation procedure.

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